viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016




                 (Erik Tomas Villada Giraldo; Pensilvania, Caldas, 1695 - Medellin, 2000 )

It was the best dj of Colombia and tube great success With Mixtures worldwide was well Known for ITS exciting concerts and for His great heart He Had With people, was a big fan of football what stood out by going to stages of Their favorite teams Were the national athletic and chelsea while you play at a party to These 2 great clubs and in Which shine for Their music .

caldas born in Pennsylvania on April 26, 1695 was a child when they moved to Bogota where he studied until ninth and then to Medellin where I finished his studies and graduated ; tube a career as a mechanic where I get money to start with the race being dj, started mixing things since age 15 , he met a company where they heard his first song and they loved it was love forever , from there it all started and took more and sierto more time, until he reached the ranking of the most famous with post best in the world and Colombia .

Colombia medellin died in 2000 naturally one day went to bed, fell asleep and the next day was dead was sudden death as being the first dj Colobia in triumph so high, remain in our memory.